Melissa Baker FACES



Melissa Baker

Welcome to fāces! Melissa sought out to create an oasis that's intimate and comfortable for her clients where they can feel 'at home' & at ease- not like they are getting a hard sell on the most expensive caviar wrinkle cream, that lets fāce it - doesn't produce the results you are looking for.  She has integrity, and is not interested in bombarding you with treatments that are unsafe and that won't produce ideal results. Life is short, education is key, and Melissa wants you to fully understand all the secrets - the how's, what's, and why's in the vast beauty world.

Licensed and legit since 2000. With over 19 years in the medical esthetics industry she has retired herself from lasers and is going back to basics - but only the most advanced and results driven basics, the treatments that work. At fāces you will find a small, simple service list - "clean & green" cosmeceutical retail products that suit your budget and lifestyle, and a fun & discreet atmosphere. Our goal is to get our clients away from leaving the house for a coffee while hiding under a full face of makeup. We want to help women to break up with makeup and free themselves from their insecurities - taking your fāce to a "fuss free" state & having you walk out our doors feeling confident & empowered.