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Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen



How many treatments?

This is a treatment that is a case by case basis and it really depends on how severe the skin issue is and the desired results from the client. Most people will need 1-2 treatments but in more mature conditions 3-4 treatments will give the best outcome.


How long does it last?

The results can last up to 5 years! It is recommended to support the results with medical skin needling which will maintain tightness.



Pregnant women

Receiving a systemic cortisone therapy

Inflamed skin in area of treatment

Heart pacemaker

Keloid scarring

Healing disorders

Lymphatic drainage disorders

History or hyperpigmentation (best on skin types 1-3)


Does it hurt?

We use a strong numbing cream prior to the treatment which will make it comfortable. Icing is always done after to cool the skin and extract any excess heat.  Some clients may decide to take pain medications prior to treatment, but that is optional and up to the client to provide.


Is it safe?

When the treatment is applied correctly and post care is followed, this treatment is very safe. The downtime is no longer than a week, you are not getting put under for an invasive surgery and it is treating the superficial layers of skin to create tightness naturally through contraction during healing. In some cases, because everyones skin heals differently, there is a risk of hyper pigmentation or tiny imprints where the dots were placed. To resolve the discolouration or indents, a series of medical skin needling or peels will be recommended. 

What is the downtime like?

There is a week that you need to be using special products to care for your treated skin. Directly after the treatment there will be a burning sensation as the numbing wears off - ice compresses are recommended. Swelling is to be expected in the area and can worsen over the following days. Discomfort can be managed with anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen. The tiny dots form scabs and these can take 4-7 days to fall off naturally. These can be covered with makeup if necessary - do not pick them. Redness in the area is also common and will slowly subside daily. After the scabs fall off there can be some pink left in the skin but each day it will continue to lighten.

*pricing varies depending on size of area and number of treatments required for best results. See THE OVERHAUL combo*