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Radiance Peel

Radiance Peel 

Samantha Jones really ruined it for peels, but rest assured ladies; advanced breakthroughs with skin treatments allows you leave the office without frightening children. You can get incredible results safely without the risk of looking like raw hamburger.

Our results driven Radiance Peel uses both external and internal means of exfoliation with a winning combination of dermaplaning (optional), mandelic acid (an acid derived from almonds) and vitamin A; making it a very safe option for all skin types.  The peel is first prepped with either a gentle lactic acid solution or a light dermaplane session to remove the outer layers of dead cells and ensures even absorption of the peel.  **The dermaplane form of prep is only done on those who have already done at least 2 peels and are seeking a much deeper treatment.** After the application of mandelic acid and upon completion, you have a final application of Vitamin A which encourages an internal exfoliation by creating new cells in the basal layer and pushing the old ones off the top!

 Who is this for?
 The infamous mandelic acid is especially great at cutting through oils specific to acne and acne scarring. Gentle enough and safe for all skin types. Ideal for Post Inflammatory Pigmentation (pigmented acne scars), hyperpigmentation, improves melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, visible pores, dull lacklustre skin, textural issues and gives overall complexion brightness.

 Typically a series of 4-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is an ideal plan; however, each client has different needs and goals so we cater to each of you on a case by case basis. Before the big reveal of beautifully glowing, fresh new skin cells, there will be approximately one week of tight, dry and flaking skin that needs to be cared for so please take downtime into consideration when booking your treatment. This does not mean quit life and hide in the closet for a week, just don’t plan attending your besties stagette in Vegas during the healing period, for example.  We will supply you with all the necessary post care information and product recommendation required for proper healing.

 *If you are looking for a total skin makeover, achieving this is easy with our intensive Peel & Poke Series (peel + microneedling) Great preparation for a huge event, wedding or just overall 'turning back' the clock! Commit to every 3 weeks alternating treatments to rebuild collagen layer, restore the skin and decrease pigmented issues. After the completion of 6 treatments (3 of each), we will reward you with a free Hydrafacial!