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Do I really need a serum or is this a gimmick?

Do I really need a serum or is this a gimmick?

YES you need a serum, NO it’s not a gimmick. 

If you are skipping out on a serum, chances are you will see visible reprecussions at some point. Serums are active ingredients commonly in a watery base which allows them to dissolve down into the lowest layer of skin - the dermis, which is the living layer of tissue. Skin starvation is a thing, and this happens when your dermal layer is malnourished.  if you are not feeding this layer with a proper serum (water binding hydrators, antioxidants, peptides, essential vitamins and nutrients) it will show up on the surface. Further, the inner epidermis also needs attention, with proper lipids added daily if the skin tends to lack in that department..this is an exception to those with oilier skin conditions of course. You may find that creams can sometimes disappoint you by not living up to the glorious claims as advertised and this is because Creams literally do nothing more than hydrate the outer layers of skin, which is comprised of dead skin cells, due to the creams molecular size cannot penetrate deep into the skin. It’s science really . So if you aren’t already on the serum game - ask us for help! This tiny step will be a skin saver! 


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