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Got bugs? The travel bug we mean...

Got bugs? The travel bug we mean... 

save your skin during long, drying flights and arrive to your destination looking refreshed and glowing! 

 Our tried and tested treatment and product combo has got to be the dermaplane.. hint *derma...plane* wink wink. The dermaplane can be done a day or two before your flight and will remove the upper layers of dead cell build up and the soft fluffy hairs that make your skin look less glorious. With this removed, your hydrating serums and nourishing oils can absorb deeply into the skin layers with ease. This treatment will cause sun sensitivity, so you must be diligent with Spf application and wear a hat!!

Must have products on your trip: elta md tinted sunblock, forget beauty hydration serum, forget beauty nourishing oil, and forget beauty mint toner. When you are about to board your flight, we recommend a delicious application of your forget beauty hyaluronic acid serum and oil for extra oompah. Don't forget your power house lip balm, (we stock the best darn stuff on the market) 

If you're worried about germs and catching someone else's cold, our secret weapon is lining the nostrils with polysporin which barriers air borne bacterias - it works, give it a try! When you're in the air, another smart choice is WATER. Avoiding the coffee, tea, juices and booze will help keep the retention swelling down, and prevent dehydration.

 Once you get to your destination, a quick wipe with the mint toner to freshen up, give your skin more drink of HA serum, and your spf can go right on top! Boom - ready to explore!

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