Melissa Baker FACES


With girlfriends... Sharing is not always caring

Hey ladies - sharing is caring but there are 3 things that are against girl code: boys, bikinis, and brushes. I think 1&2 are no brainers, but makeup brushes are definitely something that you need to keep for yourself. Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and they should be getting cleaned regularly to prevent them from getting built up with dirt and excess oils. Next time your tempted to share a friends makeup/ brushes try and really think about what your own makeup and tools touch in a day. They glide across flaky skin, chapped lips, and popped zits. It's not exactly the most hygienic of routines. If that is just what your own makeup touched on your skin, what could it possibly touch on your friend's? 🧐 - If you don't think swapping lipsticks is that big of a deal, consider this: Makeup is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Everything from its wet formula to dark containers can help germs to procreate. Staph infections, pink eye and cold sores are some of the nasty treats you might inherit from this bad habit. While your face may not be affected by certain germs on your skin, your friend or coworker may not be so lucky. So keep everyone looking their best by keeping your makeup to yourself! 

Melissa Baker