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How Appeeling...

Don’t let FEAR hold you back from the skin you deserve! 🙅🏻‍♀️ - we know you’ve heard about chemical peels & like a lot of others out there your mind probably goes to the episode of Sex & The City when Samantha Jones gets a peel done and her face is swollen, red & scary af. Well we want to clear the chemicals peels name because it truly is one of the safest & most effective skin treatments available - when done by a knowledgeable & experienced aesthetician of course ✔️ A spotless, lineless, flawless complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin & this treatment will bring it to the surface - literally! After being eclipsed in the early 2000s by new skin-resurfacing lasers, the classic peel (like, ancient-Egypt classic) is back on top in dermatologists' offices. Turns out good old chemical peels can actually deliver certain skin benefits—like reversing melasma and breakouts—better than high-tech devices 👌🏼 By casting off dull surface cells, they improve fine lines, acne, discoloration, and more. And they do it for all skin types and colors— but with big results comes downtime, totally worth it in our opinion! 

Melissa Baker