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In the Know 🤓

Nothing is more irritating than a skin care line that promises unrealistic results 🤬 - So, how do you really know you're getting the best results possible from your skincare products? Below are some guidelines you can use to determine success 🙌🏼 - because for real, we all want to be getting THE MOST from our skin care products.

1. Ignore exaggerated product claims. Product claims are typically either incredibly misleading or outright false. An example that always disturbs me is a daytime moisturizer that claims to address all the signs of aging, but doesn't contain sunscreen (or if it has sunscreen it's less than an SPF 30)... If you're not using a sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater 365 days a year, rain or shine, signs of aging, uneven skin tone, lingering marks from bumps, and other concerns will linger or keep getting worse - FACT.

2. Stop looking for one miracle ingredient or one miracle product. The fact is there's no single magic ingredient or miracle product for skin. Just like our bodies need a wide variety of nutritional foods to stay healthy, our skin also needs a balanced "diet" of state-of-the-art beneficial ingredients supplied through consistent use of a superior skincare routine & regular high grade treatments. Everything your skin needs cannot fit into one product and certainly can't be provided with one overly-hyped product. 3. Use a carefully selected skincare routine. For some people, a basic skincare routine can work just fine but for others, it just won't be enough to provide the best results. Depending on your skin type, skin concerns, and preferences, a more advanced skincare routine will be beneficial. The complex needs of skin to keep it replenished with essential beneficial ingredients, protected from sun damage, enriched with hydration, nourished with skin-restoring ingredients to fight aging, maintain an even skin tone etc. 4. Be consistent. For ideal, ultimate results, a skincare routine must be used regularly. 5. Don't expect instant results. You didn't suddenly wake up with sun damage and wrinkles, so don't expect to be able to radically diminish them overnight, either.

Melissa Baker