Melissa Baker FACES


The Magical Screen

What would a week be without a friendly harassing about SPF 🤗! The sun and your skin are not friends. They are not even acquaintances. They will clash. 🌝🌚 That's why you need a buffer to neutralize both parties. You have sunscreen. Use it, treasure it, and never let it go. Because here's what happens when UVA (deeply penetrating) and UVB (surface burning) rays come in contact with your skin: first, a pleasant sunshine sensation (“ahhh yes, soaking up that delicious vitamin D!” You might wrongfully say to yourself) then an unpleasant burning and unsightly redness. On the cellular level, there's melanin, which is a naturally occuring chemical there to protect your skin from sun damage. When your melanin is overloaded - burns happen. With religious aloe application, the pain and peeling will fade—but those burns add up over time and could come back to get you in the end. It's the damage that occurs beneath your skin that is proven to age you, via fine lines, sagging skin, discoloration, and a host of other scary things, not to mention increased risk of skin cancer. If only there was one magical product that could protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays 🤔🤔🤔 Some kind of... screen, between your face and the oppressive sun? OH WAIT THERE IS! SPF. Which should actually be marketed as what it is: a preventative anti-aging product. So think of it like Franks hot sauce, and put that sh!t on everything 👵🏻

Melissa Baker