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Dull skin rescue

 ✌🏼 to DULL SKIN - as if frigid temperatures aren't depressing enough, a dull complexion often accompanies... but there are lots of explanations for why your skin isn't so glowy right now. Let’s chat about a couple common culprits 👉🏼 make sure you are EXFOLIATING: dryness is the most common cause of dull skin & exfoliating creates a fresh canvas that allows serums & product to penetrate better. 👉🏼MOISTURIZE; the demands that we place on our skin cause cracks in its surface, which translate as dullness. Using a moisturizer fills in those fissures by adding lipids, the natural fats of the skin, which seal up the gaps between the skin cells, presenting a smooth, dewy sufrace. 👉🏼 And have you been keeping you WATER game strong? Dehydration decreases the volume of blood flow to the skin, making you look "pale and sickly. Most of us tend to think of dehydration as a short term problem solved by a glass of water but I encourage viewing skin dehydration as a long-term problem, as consistently failing to get your skin the water it needs can have lasting results!

Melissa Baker