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The Plumping Acid

Lets talk Hyaluronic acid. It’s not the type of acid you may think. This will not cause exfoliation in the skin, rather it will plump the cells by attracting 💧water into them. This powerhouse ingredient is naturally found in our dermal layer of skin and it slowly starts to degrade as we age 👎🏼 - it provides our cells with tons of hydration and will hold 90x its weight in water. If you think of your cells as a grape - brilliantly juicy, full, and plump, then take all that water out of it, and we have a raisin. This is your skin when it is dehydrated. If you add some hyaluronic acid to those raisin cells, they will attract water inside and expand back to being a happy bloated grape, and *poof* 🙀 fine lines disappear. Hyaluronic acids are found in all types of products however the best form is in a water based formula that can absorb deep into the living layer of dermis where the ingredient can be utilized to its full capacity. It is nearly impossible to have a reaction to this since it is naturally found in our bodies, so if you find your skin not liking a particular product, it is likely another ingredient found in the formulation and not the hyaluronic acid itself. This is also what is used in cosmetic filler injections to give volume in areas such as lips and cheeks for example. We are HUGE advocates of using the Awakened serum by @ForgetBeauty every morning and night for a healthy youthful glow✨*avail. in studio.

Melissa Baker