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Do you love to sweat and workout?

Do you love to sweat and workout? Are you a fitness instructor? Athlete? If so, you may have struggled with acne from time to time. When we workout heavily and produce tons of sweat, yes - it is a major toxin release, but also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Not to mention the equipment we use that can also be *gasp* unclean, it is the perfect recipe for disastrous skin. Keep in mind that friction from us wiping our faces aggressively with a towel, from our bras repeatedly rubbing on the skin, etc, can also create irritation and microtears in the skin to let in even more bacteria leading to clogged pores, whiteheads, and the like.  Be sure to wash the face and/or shower immediately after working out, change into clean clothing, use antibacterial wipes on the skin that will delete any of the buildup that could have gotten into the skin. I have been testing a microsilver ion cream before and after workouts to create a barrier from bacteria on my face. Silver is best known for its crazy powerful anti microbial abilities, so it keeps all bad bacteria out! So far - no breakouts and skin is looking  now in stock at fāces so ditch your acne and come get yours today!!!

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