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My pores are so big!

Can I shrink the size of my pores?

Unfortunately no….but we can help them look better!  

So, the size of your pores are determined on your genetic makeup (thanks mom, thanks dad) and as we age and lose elasticity, the pore walls can relax and become less tight.

If your pores have become enlarged, it is possible to reduce the appearance of them. When they  become more visible, we can tighten up the walls of the pores due to the elastin that has diminished.

Monthly clinical Hydrafacials with extractions, along with exfoliating regularly at home using glycolic/salicylic acids, plus nightly application of Vitamin A serums, will really help keep the dead cells removed and build up inside the pores at bay.  When the pores get clogged with sebum, oil,  and dirt, they can stretch and appear larger.  Additionally, if they are filled with blackheads (oxidized dead skin and sebum) you will visibly be able to see the pore with a naked eye.  

A series of Medical Skin Needling will create new collagen and elastin which can retrain and tighten up the walls of the pore that may have become slacked and stretched out over the years.

Start your regular treatments at an early age and get ahead of the game by keeping the elastin tight and the skin fresh! 

and psst.....  PORES ARE NOT DOORS - THEY DO NOT OPEN AND CLOSE WITH WARM WATER OR COLD COMPRESSES. For some reason we have it in our minds that steam will open our pores and make them bigger, and cold water will close them up. Not the case. Heated water can soften the skin and sebum, making extractions come out much easier and less damaging, and the cold will temporarily cause a slight contract of the pore walls as well as relieve any inflammation and redness caused with extraction. Esthetician magic!

Melissa Baker