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Every minute your skin sheds over 30,000 dead cells!

WHO KNEW!? This mind blowing fact is why our homes get so dusty each day and also why we need to exfoliate to help keep the cells from clogging into the pores as our skin oils mix with them.  Also........

Every 28 days, your skin renews itself!  The month long process starts from the deep basal layer where cells are produced and multiplied, these new cells will then be slowly pushed up to the surface. As they migrate forward, the plump living cell begins to flatten, once it reaches the top, it is a dead cell and will shed off from the surface.  

This is why we recommend getting monthly skin treatments.

Exfoliation treatments force the cells to turn over naturally, but much more aggressively.  Essentially, we are tricking the skin into thinking it needs to repair (by removing the “protective” layer) and the cells continue to multiply.  This leaves you with youthful, plump and smooth skin!  

As we age, our natural skin renewal slows down, giving us a more dull, lacklustre skin tone.  You can keep this renewal regular with incorporating collagen producing internal exfoliants such as topical Vitamin C every morning and Vitamin A every night.

Melissa Baker