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Stay fresh this fall

Just as the weather transitions from summer to fall, so should your skin care regime! Peep these 5 favourite fall skin care tips for some guidance 👉🏼

1: CLEANSER- always, duh!  AM & PM. wash away impurities, slough off surface debris and tighten your skin’s appearance. Be sure to wash all the way down the neck, perimeter of your face and into the hairline, where buildup and debris are often forgotten.

2: HYDRAFACIAL- replenish your skin’s moisture and fight the visible signs of aging with the antioxidant-rich, skin quenching serums that will revitalize your skin’s appearance and enhance your natural glow.

3: TONE- energize your complexion with a toner. This award winning toner to exfoliate, hydrate, invigorate and promote the look of elasticity.

4: PEEL- New season, new skin! Our results driven Radiance Peel uses both external and internal exfoliation with a winning combination of dermaplaning, mandelic acid (an acid derived from almonds) and vitamin A; making it a very safe option for all skin types.

5: MOISTURIZE- Use a nutrient-rich, hydrating moisturizer to give your skin the hydration it needs to look younger and wrinkle-free, daily. Add a serum for extra deep hydration & glow.  

Melissa Baker