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Pillow Talk

Ready for a FACT that just might make you 🤮? Awhhh yes. The gross stuff that we need to acknowledge but usually end up ignoring instead. DRUM ROLL PLEASE 🥁 - A third of your pillow’s weight is due to dead skin, dust mites and bugs!!! This disgusting statistic is a solid reason why those of us with sensitive/ acne prone skin breakout. Wash your pillow sheet every couple days if you suffer from breakouts.  Another yuck is our hair. If you are not washing it before bed or sleeping with it tied back, your luscious locks may be touching your face in the night at some point. During the day our hair gets full of oils, sweat, hair products and debris, so be mindful ladies. Also, 🙌🏼Zyderma applied before bed is key. Zyderma is a specially prepared (proprietary) formula that uses MicroSilver BG Technology - a pure & natural antimicrobial protector - to help maintain a healthy skin balance. MicroSilver cleanses the epidermis from skin straining microorganisms, bacteria and germs – which can all lead to breakouts. Make sure you pick some up from me during your next visit, especially if pillowcase laundering isn’t your strong suit.

Melissa Baker