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The weather outside is frightful, but your skin doesn’t have to be 👊🏻

Now that we have pulled out our winter coats, hats, and scarves, you may be experiencing new random break outs that are far from the norm, likely on the neck, jawline, forehead or hairline.

Traditionally, acne is most commonly thought to be caused by a hormonal imbalance. Overactive sex hormones called androgens cause glands in your skin to produce too much oil. This oil, along with dead skin cells, provides a home for bacteria that irritate the skin and cause swelling. Tight clothes prevent the dead skin cells from escaping which, along with the oil, plugs the skin’s pores and means ideal conditions for bacteria. Anytime we have snug fabrics rubbing on the skin, this friction could irritate the delicate skin and cause pimples. 

Now think of our coat collars, scarves, hats, hoods and beanies. How often do these get cleaned? If regular cleaning is not happening, these fabrics being worn will have accumulated a gross amount of dead skin, sweat, makeup and bacteria on top of gently rubbing and irritating the skin.   

One miracle product that can help shield your skin from the suffocating fabrics is Zyderma, which is a micronized silver ion cream. This will protect your skin from any bacterial invasion inside the pores and is a skin saviour among most that have experienced bacterial related skin concerns.

Be mindful with your winter fashions.  If you do start noticing new little break outs in these areas only, this issue is avoidable and easily recitfied if you wear looser breathable fabrics, keep them clean, and apply bacteria barrier Zyderma to those areas for extra protection. 


Melissa Baker