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AM Essentials..besides coffee

Ask any skin pro and they’ll tell you that establishing a good skincare routine is the most important thing you can do for your complexion. And while we all know to take our makeup off before we go to sleep and use a night cream/serum, our morning skincare routines are often…lacking. Blame our love of the the snooze button, but sometimes it’s all we can do to stumble out of bed, throw on some BB cream and run out the door (grabbing coffee on the way☕️).

But no more excuses! Follow this easy AM guide that’s guaranteed to give you gorgeously glowing skin 👉🏼 1-Wash your face you filthy animal. Easy peasy if you keep your favorite cleanser in the shower. A must for preparing the skin for the day. Not only do we need to remove our night time skin products, but also the oil secretions, sweat, we often roll around on our dirty hair, pillows, and sheets. 2- Mint toner to wake up the skin, balance oils and gently exfoliate 👊🏻 3-Hydrate with water based hyaluronic acid serum *boost that baby with a scoop of pure vitamin C antioxidant to build new collagen and prevent brown spots 4-Moisturize! An obvious step to hydrate the outer layers of skin *pro tip* for dryer months add a couple drops of nourishing oil for added comfort to your skin. 5- Protect! This is when you apply your sunscreen. If you are like me and don’t love the feeling of an spf, use a mineral B.B. cream (or cc cream, or foundation) which not only gives you coverage, but also serves as sun barrier without clogging your skin✔️

Melissa Baker