Melissa Baker FACES


Wine o’clock

‘Tis the season for cocktails and hangovers! But have you ever considered how alcohol can effect your skin? How much booze you consume on a daily or weekly basis can really wreak havoc on your complexion. It is important to know how it impacts your skin so you can make wiser decisions... because really, the choice is in your hands 🥂 

1. It can cause blemishes ➡️ Alcohol depresses the nervous system causing adrenal fatigue, which is a contributor to adult hormonal breakouts (chin, jawline, cheeks) 

2. It creates redness in the skin and can cause capillary fragility and damage ➡️ Drinking inflames tissues and sets off a histamine response, resulting in warm, reddened skin. When this happens, vessels expand when heated, and contract when they cool. This will eventually cause permanent damage causing the capillaries to appear as broken vessels in the nose and cheeks

3.  It can speed up aging ➡️ Booze causes chronic inflammation and harmful free radical damage. This gradually wears on connective tissue, resulting in loose sagging skin

4.  Alcohol depletes essential vitamins in the skin and body ➡️ It prevents oxygen and healthy nutrients to get delivered to cells. Also reduces vitamin A, and important antioxidant responsible for the regeneration of cells. 

5. It causes severe dehydration in the skin ➡️ Water gives the skin plumpness and keeps wrinkles to a minimum. When skin lacks water, wrinkles and lines are visible. 

6.  It can cause the skin to look puffy ➡️ Alcohol has a diruetic effect that leads to dehydration. This tells your body to hold onto water weight, causing your face to look puffy and clothes to fit tighter.  

So, play it safe this season and double fist your drinks Babes! Wine in one hand, and a BIG glass of water in the other! Remember - your skin is with you for life, not just one night of parties 🍾

Melissa Baker