Melissa Baker FACES


That Flu Glow✨

Flu season got your skin fee like it caught the bug as well? Let’s chat about keeping it looking nice when you feel so rotten 👊🏼 ! When our bodies are ill and depleted, often times it will show up in our faces as pale, dehydrated, blotchy skin 😷. Try to Keep up with taking in lots of H2o to keep your body sufficiently hydrated - this will also help to provide a brighter complexion and skin moisture levels juicy. Also double up on the probiotics! When you’re run down, you need all the good bacteria in our body to help aide in a healthy & happy gut. In terms of your skin, probiotics are very important as they assist in toxin elimination which will keep your skin clear. Lastly, even though you’re energy levels are low, try to stay on top of your skin care - the 3 layers of hydration is pretty basic and will reward your skin with an incredible glow ✨CLEANSE,APPLY a hyaluronic acid serum (like a giant drink of water for your dermis), NOURISH with an omega oil full of antioxidants, peptides and vitamins, then MOISTURIZER & lock that in with a lightweight moisturizer that will give the upper layers a little ❤️

Melissa Baker