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What’s up Doc?

 When should you seek professional skin care advice? We’ve all cornered a friend or family member for advice on a skin concern. Some issues require a little more then a DIY resolution. Things like chronic breakouts, severe dry skin, hives etc...  In general, if you’re having a skin problem and it’s getting worse, or not improving, it’s wise to see a dermatologist/ professional. In fact, you may be making your concern worse by treating it at home. Here’s our top 6 skinssues that require professional attention:

•SKIN CHECKS: we recommend regular check ups start in your 30’s for peace of mind especially if you were a sun baby in your youth

•MOLES: If an older mole is changing in size, shape, or color, or has become itchy, you need to have it checked out.

•DRY SKIN: If you can’t cure your dry itchy skin with proper products & treatments it could be a sign of a larger problem - like a side effect of dietary allergies, medication, or a hereditary condition. Sometimes people will mistake dry skin with eczema

•ROSACEA: A prescription product can normally get it under control fairly rapidly. If you have rosacea it is best to know what your triggers are for flare ups and avoid them

•HIVES: If you’re getting hives regularly, they last longer than a day or two, or are popping up on very undesirable locations, like your eyelids and lips, head to your doctor for help.

•RASHES: The general rule of thumb to determine treatment is whether or not the rash is getting better or worse. If it’s getting better within a few days you can normally just watch it, but if it’s getting worse or staying the same, you need to see a doctor.

Melissa Baker