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Magic VitaminC

Today let’s chat about Vitamin C!

This powerhouse antioxidant is something everyone should start introducing into their morning routine starting in their 20’s.

Why? Because not only does it help with synthesizing new fresh collagen in the skin, it also helps to prevent sun 🌞 spots and lighten existing ones caused by free radical damage we expose ourselves to daily. How does Vitamin C work? Think of an 🍎 , if you take a bite into it and leave it on the counter, the juicy white insides start to turn brown from oxidation. Now if you rubbed lemon (very high in vitamin C) onto it after you took that bite, the white insides remain white and delicious! This is how Vitamin C works on the skin. Amazing right?

When you apply it there are some basics you should know... always use it in the morning with a UV protector on top to keep the active from breaking down. We want Vitamin C to be delivered into the living layer of the skin (the dermis) which is the deepest. The only way it can dissolve that deep is if the Vitamin C is in a water based serum that is absorbable through the denser layers. So basically Vitamin C in a cream form is not going to be as effective. If you use Vitamin C in a ready to wear serum, make sure you toss it out if you notice the color change to orange - this indicates that it has gone bad and will therefore cause oxidation to your skin if applied. Our favorite is to mix our ascorbic acid powder into a hydration serum. We love the Forget Beauty Illumated Vitamin C powder with the Awakened hydrating serum. This potent cocktail can be customized to your desired strength and will be stable until you finish it 👌🏼

Melissa Baker