Melissa Baker FACES


Sparkling Silver✨

I’m obsessed with silver! Not the bedazzled jewels you find at a Mexican market, I’m talking the micro particle kind that you apply to your skin! Now, I’m going out on a limb here with assuming you aren’t aware of how mind blowing this mineral actually is... one wouldn’t think silver has such incredible antibacterial properties but it is known to be so powerful in immune support and repelling bacteria, that it is the top ingredient used in burn centers to care for wounded skin and promote healthy and quick healing.

You can find pure colloidal silver in liquids (which is both injestable or used externally), gels and creams to use topically, and very safe for kids and our beloved fur babies. Using this bacteria repellant creates an invisible barrier on your skin keeping any harmful microorganisms from getting into your body through wounds or tiny skin abrasions. This veil is also a catalyst for breakouts caused from bacteria, rosacea, and other skin issues worsened with bacteria.

A holistic household staple since the beginning of time - in the Middle Ages, silver spoons were given by wealthy godparents to babies as christening presents.  Those “born with a silver spoon in their mouths” benefited from silver’s purifying and antibiotic properties.

At Fāces we use colloidal silver liquid in our treatments to ensure the skin is free from bacteria, and we stock an incredible micro silver moisturizer to use on clients and for purchase. Zyderma is a Canadian made product with only 5 ingredients making it very great option for clean and green savvy clients.  A favorite among fitness enthusiasts to prevent breakouts during sweaty activity, a must for sensitive skin that get tiny pimples from simply wearing eyeglasses, and my go-to at bedtime - I spray my pillow with colloidal silver AND I wear Zyderma to prevent little acne spots on my cheeks. 

I have a feeling this may be the cult ingredient of 2018... the kale of skincare! Stay posted 😉 At least to me it is a non negotiable in my simplified skin routine. Try it and see for yourself!  

Melissa Baker