Melissa Baker FACES


Drink Celery, Get Clear Skin?

Move over, spirulina—there’s a trendy new power green in town. Celery juice is having a moment, surfacing everywhere from farm-to-table menus to Instagram posts. And for good reason: The parsley family plant is packed with natural substances that help purify the bloodstream, aid in digestion, and in turn can clear up skin problems. 🙌🏼✨ - Celery is 95 percent water as when it comes to skin, hydration is 🔑. Plus, with a high natural sodium content, celery juice raises stomach acid, which helps break down food—improving gut health and, in turn, lowering stress levels and brightening skin. What’s more? The magical drink is also loaded with vitamin A, which may positively affect hair by providing nourishment to the roots while also stimulating growth and overall texture 💁🏻‍♀️ Although the bland-tasting plant is often overlooked in the superfood arena, passed over for dark leafy greens and vibrant carrots it deserves a space on the refrigerator shelf.

Melissa Baker